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Campion’s poetry represents some of the most innovative work for the head, the eye, and the ear. He has developed a new expression for the page–exploring in a coherent and integrated way both the vertical and horizontal. His projected quincunx of book-length works (Tongue Stones, Squaring the Circle, MEDUSA, and Consilience, are completed and now available) bring his ecotropic ideas to bear fully and vividly. Each page is coherent and flows into the whole. Each reading brings new insights and pleasure. Campion has written, designed, and typeset these important works.


ISBN: 978-0-985894-3-5

Part four (284 pages) in the nested set develops a language, informed by contemporary science and philosophy, to help us deal with the catastrophe we have made and learn better to appropriately collaborate with the ecosystemic and transcoherent worlds. Buy direct for 25.00 (includes postage) at address below.



ISBN: 0-9858914-2-4           ISBN 13: 9780985891428

Book-length poem by John Campion (213 pages).  A polyvalent and multilateral exploration of the relationship between human culture and the environment–and ecotropic study of the present.

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Squaring the CircleSquaring the Circle

LC # 98-96776

ISBN: 0-9858914-1-6           ISBN 13: 9780985891411

Book-length Poem by John Campion (216 pages)
Winner of The Blue Star Foundation Award for Art in Service to the Earth. Second part of an Ecotropic critique of Western culture. The book tracks the conquest of America and by extension the conquest of the earth itself.

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Tongue Stones

Tongue Stones

LC # 98-96775

ISBN: 0-9858914-0-8          ISBN 13: 9780985891404

Book-length Poem by John Campion (290 pages)
Winner of The Austin Book Award and The Violet Crown Award. First part of an Ecotropic Critique of Western culture. Traces a mythopoeic relationship between culture and the environment.

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