Recommendations: Books, Film, Music Composers



Recommendations in Texts, Films, and Musical Compositions

are just to get your Started!





The Bruise You Burned (2′ x 3″)
Text, prayer paper, collage, ink, water color


Hamlet’s Mill (Santillana and Hertha von Deschend)


The Art of Memory,
The Occult Philosophy in
Elizabethan England (Frances A. Yates)

The Origins and History of Consciousness
The Mother Goddess (Erich Neumann)

Geography of the Imagination (Guy Davenport)

The Chinese Written Character as a
Medium for Poetry (Ernest Fenellosa)

The Poetics of Space (Gaston Bachelard)


Maximus Poems
Selected Writings of Charles Olson “Human
Universe,” “Equal that is to the Real Itself (Charles Olson)

Seeds, Spades, Hearths, and Herds (Carl O. Sauer)

Alchemical Studies (Carl Jung)
Mystierium Coniunctionis

Conversations with Ogotemmeli (Griaule)

The Mythic Image (Joseph Campbell)

The Interpretation of Dreams
Civilization and Its Discontents
(Sigmund Freud)

The Tibetan Book of the Dead

“The Eighteenth Brumaire” (Karl Marx)

Mutual Aid (Kropotkin)

The Raw and the Cooked (Levi-Strauss)

The Golden Bough (Sir James Frazier)

The Epic of Gilgamesh

The Odyssey (Homer)

A Sand County Almanac (Aldo Leopold)

Oedipus Rex, Antigone (Sophocles)

Apology, Crito, Phaedo, Symposium,
Republic (esp. Allegory of the cave) (Plato)

I Ching

Metamorphosis (Ovid)

The Divine Comedy (esp. Inferno) (Dante)

Hamlet, Lear (Shakespeare)

Tao te Ching (Lao Tzu)

The Popul Vuh (Translated by Dennis Tedlock)

Ulysses, Finnegan’s Wake (James Joyce)

Moby Dick (Herman Melville)

African Genesis (Leo Frobenius)

The Mahabarhata (esp. Baghavad Gita)

The Golden Ass (Translated by Robert Graves)

The Prophetic Books (William Blake)

Medea, The Baccae (Euripides)

The Orestea [Cycle] (Aeschulus)

The Nag Hamadi Library (Gnostic Gospels)

The Mass Psychology of Fascism
The Function of the Orgasm (Wilhelm Reich)

Illuminations (esp. Art in an age of
Mechanical Reproduction (Walter Benjamin)

Prisms (Adorno)

In the Absence of the Sacred (Gerry Mander)

Sound and Sentiment (Steven Feld)

Unsettling America (Wendel Berry)

One Straw Revolution (Fukuoka)

Enduring Seeds (Gary Nabhan)

The Revolution Betrayed (Trotsky)

The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Design with Nature (Ian McHarg)

Silent Spring (Rachel Carson)

Simulacra and Simulation (Jean Baudrillard)

The White Goddess (Robert Graves)

Eros and Civilization (Marcuse)

The Cantos (Ezra Pound)

Disipline and Punish (Foucault)

Acquiring Genomes (Margulis)

Steps Toward an Ecology of Mind (Bateson)

Manufacturing Consent
Necessary Illusions (Chomsky)

Spectors of Marx, Jacque Derrida

Sensitive Chaos, Theodor Schwenk

The Great Transformation
Karl Polanyi

The Tree of Knowledge
Maturana and Varela

A Thousand Pateaus
Deleuze and Gautari

The Structures of Everyday Life (vol.1-3)

Chaosophy (Gautari)

Plagues and Peoples (William McNall)

The Social Conquest of Earth
E.O. Wilson

Incomplete Nature
(Terrance Deacon)

1000 Years of Non-linear History (Manuel De Landa)

Symbiotic Planet
Lynn Margulis

Reinventing the Sacred
Stuart Kauffman

Order out of Chaos
Ilya Prigogine

The Sorrows of Priapus
Edward Dahlberg

Heterologies, (Michel de Certau)

The Brothers Karamazov, (Dostoevsky)

The Lives of a Cell (Lewis Thomas)

Process and Reality (Whitehead)

The Souls of Black Folk (W.E.B. Du Bois)

Homage to Catalonia (Orwell)

Brave New World (Huxley)

The Golden Bough (Frazer)

What is Life? (Schrodinger)



Suggestions for Film

Title (Director)


The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Robert Weine) 

Metropolis (Fritz Lang)

Rules of the Game, Grand Illusion (Jean Renoir)

Orpheus and Euridice, Blood of the Poet (Jean Cocteau)

Children of Paradise, Les Visiteur du Soir (Marcel Carne)

The Seventh Seal, Wild Strawberries, Persona (Ignmar Bergman)

8 ½, Roma, La Dolce Vita (Frederico Fellini)

The Conformist, 1900 (Bertolluci)

Dr. Strangelove, A Clockwork Orange (Stanley Kubrick)

Red Desert, La Aventura, The Passenger (Antonioni)

Exterminating Angels, The Discret Charm of the Bourgeosie, The Phantom of Liberty (Luis Bunuel)

El Topo (Jadorowsky)

Every Man Against Himself and God Against All, Stroszek, Where the Green Ants Dream, Werner Herzog

Berlin Alexanderplatz, Veronica Voss (Fassbinder)

Wings of Desire (Wim Wenders)

The Stalker, The Mirror, Solaris (Tarkovsky)

The Searchers (John Ford)

The Sorrow and the Pity (Ophuls)

Raging Bull (Scorcese)

In the Realm of the Senses (Oshima)

Roshomon, Kagemusha, Dersu Uzala (Kurosawa)

Pierrot Le Fou, Contempt, King Lear, Alphaville (Goddard)

The Divine Horseman (Maya Daren)

Prospero’s Books, Zed and Two Noughts (Greenaway)



Title (Composer)


Second String Quartet (Elliott Carter)

Nocturnal (Edgar Varèse)

Nouvelle Aventures (György Ligeti)

PFHAT (Giancinto Scelsi)

Psappha (Iannis Xenakis)

Stimmung (Karlheinz Stockhausen)

Homage to Emilio Vedova (Luigi Nono)

Homage to T. S. Eliot (Sofia Gubaidulina)

Sinfonia (Luciano Berio)

Derive (Pierre Boulez)

Tabula Rasa (Arvo Part)

Bouchara (Claude Vivier)

Riverrun (Toru Takemitsu)

Les Espaces Acoustique (Gerard Grisey)

De Staat (Louis Andriessen)

Serendipity (Tristan Murail)

Three Poems of Henri Michoux (Witold Lutoslawski)

Lumen (Franco Donatoni)

Music for 18 Musicians (Steve Reich)

Colors of the Celestial City (Olivier Messiaen)

Triumph of Time (Harrison Birtwistle)

Symphony # 4 (Alfred Schnitke)

Studies for Player Piano (Conlon Nancarrow)

Samuel Beckett (Morton Feldman)

Roaratoria (John Cage)

Dance Suite with German Anthem (Lachenmann)

Private Gardens (Kaija Saariajo)

Galina Ustvolskaya, Late Piano Works