Campion’s Poetry—a flowing source jatmachu0898from which emerges his Art, Fiction, Essays, Collaborations, Translations, and Philosophy—reflects Ecotropic * valuesThis site explores some of the varied permutations of this work. A Personal History and a Biography may be found under the Sub-Tabs for this HOME (MAIN) PAGE. You can also find out How to Buy Books and discover the range and depth of  Campion’s poetry.

* Ecotropics comes from the root Eco–Hearth and the suffix Tropic–to turn towards. Our words, ecology, economy, heliotropic, and psychotropic are derived from these roots. The philosophy holds that the world is a coherence of interconnected and nested sets and for human culture to be healthy, it must itself exist in an ecological niche—relating appropriately with all the other coherences and fields of forces of nature, organic and inorganic, through which it lives, collaborates, contends, and becomes.


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