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Text, watercolor, collage, ink, oil, on home made paper


This page contains some of Campion’s Visual work samples and some collaborative efforts.

(Please note: Other Campion visuals can be found on the Collaboration menu.)

The first link (through vimeo) contains Campion’s Sonic Glyph 2. This work has his sound composition and video of the following  poem:

By day surveyors draw lines/ By night Hopi pull them out.

The following links to a video of an ART installation (Worth-Ryder Gallery, UC Berkeley) by John Campion. Texturals from the Medusa: A Walking Book were hung from copper pipes and formed a labyrinth that visitors walked through. The art contained mixtures of text, inks, watercolors, oils, collage, and extended materials, on home made paper. Here Campion reads the text and guides the viewer through the installation.