Ground Zero: On the Road to Xibalba

Campion made a large book (4′ x 3′) of illustrated man-hole covers (with Paul Wintle) entitled Ground Zero on the Road to Xibalba. The book is taken from charcoal rubbings of covers from an old street in Austin, Tx. The images were arranged and sometimes deranged with inks, oils, metal flakes, etc to tell the story of the underworld (the repressed) of our modern day society. You can look at a slideshow of the book by clicking the following . Use your zoom to get a larger view.

Click on the following links to watch a live video presentation of all the pages of the book. The lecture was given by Campion given at the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley. Each part opens in a new window. Below are also stills of the book.

Ground Zero on the Road to Xibalba (UC BERKELEY live presentation, video) 

part 1 of 3:

part 2 of 3:

part 3 of 3: