ISBN: 978-0-985894-3-5

Now after a year in South America, two more teaching, and a year in The Netherlands, Campion announces the publication (Winter 2018) of the fourth in the ecotropic series of book-length poems, Consilience, 294 pages

This transpersonal travel book exploits some new understanding about the self in the context of Deleuze and Guattari’s assemblage theory and some scientific work regarding emergence. Here Campion develops his effort to create a more ecotropic language–better suited to examine the coextensive interrelationship between culture and ecology.

Here form and content achieve a unique synthesis.The book works to achieve an ecological experience on the page. Look under the John Campion heading and at the subhead How to Buy this book for more information.

Rock Art (Coahuila) 5000 BP
Campion at Machu Picchu 2012